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Ask Tom Riddle

Ask Tom Riddle

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[ Regina George. ] ✅ By ThatObviousFangirl Updated Feb 15

**This account has been hacked by Voldemort.
My name is Tom Marvolo Riddle, the heir of Salazar Slytherin. I am considering on making this book a Horcrux. I am willing to answer any questions, even from muggle filth like you, to preserve the soul of my sixteen-year-old self. Ask away.

Diana_Cress Diana_Cress Dec 18, 2016
Technically, you can't turn this book into code.  It's just a collection of data.
hipppogriff hipppogriff Jan 31
Ouch....Just JK Rowling, it doesn't affect me, i mean i AM a half-blood....
lost_mermaid lost_mermaid Dec 31, 2016
How to join Death Eaters without your parents finding out?
                              It's not just a phase, MOM...
miameadows13 miameadows13 Dec 20, 2016
Uhmm.. PUREBLOODED Hufflepuff here! And I'm the last of the Gryffindor and Ravenclaw lines, you-you.... Nvm. Just, remove the muggle filth line will ya?!
Naomi_Cullen Naomi_Cullen Dec 06, 2016
@ThatObviousFangirl  to Mr. Riddle: could you make an horcrux of me? that has been my biggest dream ever. With Slytherin regards, Naomi.
percysah percysah Dec 24, 2016
Hey Tom,
                              How do you feel about all the Harry Potter spoofs, like AVPM and Potter puppet pals?
                              -a Harry Potter fangirl named percysah