Daddy (janiel au)

Daddy (janiel au)

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unrequiredlover By unrequiredlover Updated Nov 11

Joey is nineteen, he is shy and awkward, he is lonely ever since his roommate kicked him out.

His whole life changed when he met Daniel Preda at a gay club.

Daniel is the total opposite of Joey, he is possessive, he is taller and not afraid to say what he thinks.

Kind of smut and mature content?? Read at own risk

You both hd me laughing for some odd reason but i will go on @sparklyjaniel @Its_Me_Rindi
Omfg yes i know but im not that good describing how people have sex (no, not bc they are gay cause im gay as well)
The last line had me Fangirling!!! I love this already!!! *Tongue Pops*