Don't Wake Me Up || Septiplier

Don't Wake Me Up || Septiplier

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I looked up at Mark, his soft brown eyes stared back in a caring manner. My eyes fell back down to my feet, not wanting to look at Mark in this situation. 

"Sean," he whispered, trailing his finger along my jaw line to my chin, lifting it up a bit. His hand gently wrapped around my wrist and pulled it up to our faces. "Please, tell me who gave you these. I've asked you a million times, and I need to know. Please." His voice came out soothing and gentle, but it also held a tone of seriousness. 

My eyelids fluttered as I held back my tears, and I looked over towards the bruise covering my left arm. I couldn't tell him. That would get me killed. My parents wouldn't hesitate to kill me. 

They've made that clear. 

Sean McLoughlin had a horrid life. From abusive parents to being bullied in school, he felt like he was alone. 

But when one day, he accidentally bumps into one of the most well known guy in the whole school, Mark Fischbach, he wasn't expecting his whole life to flip upside down.

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You know how the first line of a story is often considered one of the most important? You did good. Really good. I already love this lol
- - Aug 13
This is actually me,
                              Except I actually am fat and even tho my friends tell me I'm not
                              (Some of them even do tell me I'm fat)
                              I don't believe them (the ones that tell me I'm not fat)
namgi- namgi- Oct 05
boy im fat af and yet here i am still eating my heart out
                              eating is good okay
                              dont say youre fat ok
Karrie_luv Karrie_luv Sep 16
Ik that this is a story and all, but boi if you were in my body, you'd wish you had your old one back, so learn to love yourself pls
my uh....ex Has anerexia and trust me its hard to help someone eat
namgi- namgi- Oct 05
"now i gotta go back to highschool *aHEM* HELL and suffer. this is why i dont want to wake up anymore."