i Hate You, i Love You (iKON FF) B2

i Hate You, i Love You (iKON FF) B2

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Somiko Jung By Mikooktae Updated Nov 25

A girl named Miko Has a crush on the school's heartthrob, Song Yunhyeong. She is a nobody. Her crush doesn't even talk to her or anything else. He doesn't even look at her even for a second. Miko thought that she wouldn't even have a chance. 

She has a bestfriend, Kim Jinhwan, who is always by her side and can play a guitar. Miko just treat him as her bestfriend but what she didn't know is her bestfriend has feelings for her. He knows everything about her, including her secrets and even who her crush is.

An Enemy since Birth. She has an enemy and she hates his guts. He's the reason why she gets scolded by the teachers always and he is the one who spread who her crush is. Kim Donghyuk, that's his name.


She now hates the Heartthrob,

She developed feelings for her Bestfriend,

And She befriended her enemy.

What would happen and who will she end up with?

A story between A normal girl, A School Heartthrob, A Bestfriend, and An Enemy.

[BOOK 2]

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