G!Sans X Reader

G!Sans X Reader

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 By NALC2002 Updated Jan 24

/This is a female reader/

Your a girl who lost her parents and siblings since you were thirteen. You grew up by your self with two dogs to keep you company during your struggles. Once you turned eighteen monsters were released from Mt.Ebott and took over the area you lived in.
Will you stay in hiding? or Will you show your true identity. 

(This is slightly a slow burner but to be aware their will be know language or lemons.)

I almost look exactly like Sans! Blue jacket, Basketball shorts and a black instead of white shirt.
I read oorah in a Mettaton voice.... ._. Thanks to my friend
This is almost my life, my brothers 4 and I'm 11 my sis is 13. Me and my older sis are 2 years apart and me and my brother are 7 years apart. My dad's in the navy and my mom's a stay at home mom.
Lifelight21 Lifelight21 Dec 27, 2016
That is spelled wrong, and a whore is.... well, not sure what they are and I probably don't want to find out
Little did (y/n) know that her whole life would change when a particular skeleton waltzed into her life.  
                              XD I don't even know.
choclete123 choclete123 Feb 05
Me. Full on me. 
                              Well instead of math and science. I don't like any subject to be honest, but still full on me.