G!Sans X Reader

G!Sans X Reader

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 By NALC2002 Updated Jul 10

/This is a female reader/

Your a girl who lost her parents and siblings since you were thirteen. You grew up by your self with two dogs to keep you company during your struggles. Once you turned eighteen monsters were released from Mt.Ebott and took over the area you lived in.
Will you stay in hiding? or Will you show your true identity. 

(This is slightly a slow burner but to be aware their will be know language or lemons.)

Joana-chan Joana-chan May 01
I hate math and sciece, also i hate dark colors.
                              Id give this description a 6/10
*Cough* I think your confused *cough* that's the description of me *cough*
This is almost me i love science. But maths..nah science and english.
I suck at math science and cooking but for some reason I'm better at baking then my mom *throws hands up in confusion*
Priss444 Priss444 Jul 22
Serious? Nah I'm so weird one day I started acting serious and normal and people literally asked me if I was feeling ok 😝
Logan7634 Logan7634 Apr 11
Not to sound like a F-in douche bag I didn't cry... am I cold hearted?