{HAITUS}F*cking You|| Camboy ff (Vkook)

{HAITUS}F*cking You|| Camboy ff (Vkook)

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Kookie Abused Asshoe By VKOOKs_Main_Hoe Updated Nov 01, 2016

Jeon Jungkook is a Camboy.

He undresses and performs sexual activities in front of his webcam for pay. As a gorgeous broke college student, it was unsurprising he quickly fallen into it, having such great pay for touching himself in bed, it almost seemed like it was a dream. He soon became one of the biggest camboys on the website, Bighit who is well known to be the safest online stream with the highest quality models. Jeon Jungkook is known as "Binkie" online, he carefully crafted his online persona, becoming known as a innocent yet alluring playboy bunny, with the brightest smile reaching his dimpled cheeks. 

Kim Taehyung is a hardcore gamer.

On YouTube, he's known as RadicalTaeFun with over 10 million subscribers. It's safe to say he's made a living for himself, being one of the major faces of the Gamer Community. He recently moved into a apartment, next to a college student named Jeon Jungkook. They quickly grew close, however afraid to scare him away, Jungkook introduces himself as a unknown youtuber. Feeling grateful towards Jungkook's generosity, Taehyung suggests they make a collab together to help expose Jungkook to fame. 

Things quickly go downhill, when a few of Taehyung's subscribers recognize Jungkook.



i hate being cold all the time but i also hate sweating all the time
IdeaBooks IdeaBooks Jan 09
*remembers Taehyung's English pronunciation mistake*
                              I SWEAR MUM HE JUST SAID SAXOPHONIST!!!!!!!
molesterkook molesterkook Oct 28, 2016
Correction* Camboy who is sexy and cute but also rebellious and hot
Gosh I hate YoonSeok so much! But I can't stop reading this I already love this story so much!!! So I'm going to keep on reading.