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Trashy Quiznak

Trashy Quiznak

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Voltron and Coffee By _SpaceMouse_ Completed

Welp, just a random dump of Voltron crap. 

In the beginning, some season one stuff and theories for season two. 

Towards the end and the updates im doing now, season two stuff. 

There might be random things in between but otherwise this book is enjoyable....hopefully 

{female pidge}

{Voltron Legendary Defender and very rarely Voltron Defender Of The Universe}

{Art is not mine unless said otherwise}

[started 10/4/16]

ColeBlacksmith14 ColeBlacksmith14 Sep 11, 2016
I mean they all get lost in the worm hole "THAT WAS THE BEST CLIFF HANGER"
geekgirl626 geekgirl626 Sep 25, 2016
ME: *joins in with my friends* YOUR FACE! *slaps lance* YOUR VOICE *slaps keith* YOUR CLOTHING *they both hold my hands from me slapping them, I smirk* I WANNA HOLD YOUR HAND~ I WANNA HOLD YOUR HAND
syzyzyzygy syzyzyzygy Jul 30, 2016
I can't use the link, I can't click on it and It won't let me copy paste it. But I definitely think this could be from season 2, I mean it makes sense, five people literally disappeared off the face of the planet!
MistressPaintUniWolf MistressPaintUniWolf Nov 16, 2016
Quick! Don't think about how devastated lance's and hunk's families are!
                              Or how pidge's mom is all alone!