Selene's New Moon

Selene's New Moon

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aoineco By catinpajamas Updated 7 days ago

An Academy/ Ghost Bird Fanfic.  Inspired by the characters and story by C.L. Stone.
This story contains characters that are similar to the Ghost Bird ones , but not quite the same. The world looks like ours to the general public,  but hidden in the shadows are horrifying creatures and the extraordinary humans who hunt them.

Selene does not look anything like her parents  and her eyes are uncanny- leaving her parents unsettled. Especially since they never wanted a child anyway.   As she grows, she asks about things no one else can see or feel - which only makes things worse.   The world is much too dangerous for Selene- no one will understand and will only try to hurt her.  She is hidden away in her parents' large and lonely house- for her own good of course. 

Her life changes forever though one late afternoon when she finds that her wooded backyard is no longer the sanctuary she has always counted on.  She learns that the world is a terrifying place, but not for the reasons her mother has always given her.-  But more importantly, 5 young men will show her that she truly is a treasure - one that they have been desperately searching for.
I have rated this a mature because I am not sure exactly where this story will go...

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SiddyKnowsBest SiddyKnowsBest Jul 31, 2016
Great start! This sounds really interesting. Can't wait to see where the story goes. Looking forward to more soon ❤️
anon2404 anon2404 Jul 30, 2016
Well, this is looking good.  No problems with editing either.  You've already got me hoping her parents get to suffer 17 years of hell.  And, if you manage to update on weekends that just makes mine so much brighter.  In other words, great start.
catinpajamas catinpajamas Aug 02, 2016
Reference to Magic's Pawn by Mercedes Lackey- one of my favorites 😀
DeedsReads DeedsReads Aug 20, 2016
I was honored to meet her at Akon in Dallas a couple of years ago. She was on a panel for writing with partners. She told some stories of writing with Anne McCaffery. I was a happy happy girl
catinpajamas catinpajamas Jul 31, 2016
Thanks for wonderful feedback!  I am glad some people find it interesting and I hope I can keep you interested.
keythesunflowers keythesunflowers Jul 30, 2016
This is a brilliant beginning! You have me hooked already 😊 I can't wait to find out more about her world and why she is the way she is! Can't wait for more updates!!