I Can't Feel Anything

I Can't Feel Anything

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Konna25830 By Konna25830 Updated Jul 30, 2016

*this is my first time writing a story, sorry if it's bad*

Quinton and Vienna have 3 children. One who's the oldest and Twins. the oldest is Leighton, the twins are Trystan and Honor. When Trystan and Honor were just born and Leighton was 5, Quenton and Vienna looked at Leighton and back at each other and shook their heads happily. 
       One day on the way home from the hospital Quinton stops the car, puts into park, gets out and gets Leighton and takes him out of the car seat, and puts him down on the dark, cold road, gets back in the car and drives away. Leighton was only 5 he didn't know much, he was crying and walking in the direction he though was maybe right. The sunrise came and Leighton watched it still crying. Someone finally sees him and pulls over. Bolting out of the car and grabs Leighton calming him down, and puts him in the car next to her son Otto. Leighton didn't talk at all his whole life in the new people's house.

                        *time skip*


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