DISCONTINUED!    Pornstar • Sonadow/ Sonourge/ Sonuckles

DISCONTINUED! Pornstar • Sonadow/ Sonourge/ Sonuckles

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Gabe By SonikkuShadikkuFan Updated Jul 08

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Sonic. Male stripper and Pornstar. He just loves having fun. Drinking, Parties, and Cocks ends up with someone getting laid. Sonic is mostly submissive during sex sessions. He just loves getting to be the one pleasured the most. He found out that life is more then just getting laid.

Will he ever find a sole mate?

Read to find out!

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• Sexual Interaction
• Male X Male
• Yaoi
• Drugs and Alcohol

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Come on down to the olive garden and get your free bread sticks XD
i can imagine knuckles in a hair net or serving food with his hair in a ponytail that be fckn funny ima draw that XDD
Savage_Productions Savage_Productions Sep 29, 2016
                              Bio:Separated from family by G.U.N.having hard time marketing money
Sonic223 Sonic223 Sep 11, 2016
Name :angel the wolf
                              Age: 16
                              Sexuality : bisexual 
                              Gender: male
                              Career : works at a gun spy with shadow and rouge,  sometimes can't be very flirty,  always stay determine,  attracts many guys due to his personality,  is trying to help shadow fine finding a mate as well
AdorableSmolJackie AdorableSmolJackie Sep 10, 2016
Name: Jacob Smith 
                              Age: 20
                              Gender: Male
                              Sexuality: Bisexual
                              Career: Stripper
                              Type: shy, naughty, kind,
                              Bio: he was sold to people to do whatever they wanted and ever since he would be shy but none the less he would obey and do whatever some wants
riley45678 riley45678 Sep 20, 2016
Amalia is best friends with sonic and loves to have fun.she likes  spicy food, rap music, and to dance. She dislikes perverts, and anyone who trys to hurt her friends or family