Aphmau fnaf/mystreet [BOOK 1]~(complete)~

Aphmau fnaf/mystreet [BOOK 1]~(complete)~

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Honey Anne Landiza By HoneyAnneLandiza Updated Nov 08, 2016

Spoiler alert!!! This book series is discontinued don't waste your time with this book and the sequel...
Aphmau was working in Freddy fazbear pizzeria and she was a night guard. When she found out the truth she became the Marionette,every time it was day she turns into the marionette and preform along with the animatronics.

Eventually Clair was murdered by that man Vincent/purple. Her spirit became a shadow of a bunny then Clair was called shadow Bonnie. Aphmau left to mystreet and lived with her friends but when it's night she would go to her night shift. What will happen if her friends gets suspicious about her job? Will Aaron confess to Aphmau or will another man will? Is there 2 kids that are murdered before them? Can Aphmau find purple guy and take revenge for the kids and Clair? Find out in this story.

Don't hate but me and my friend are in the story.
Mystreet characters belongs to Aphmau
Fnaf belongs to Scott cawthon.
‼️‼️WARNING: slow updates and language‼️‼️

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Aww Jason and mari sitting in a tree haha even thought I'm an aarmau fan I love Jason and mari better
                              2.wow aphmau just wow it's so aphmazing and rossome and jintastic
"She seems more depressed than Zane"
                              Rip Carrot
                              Died bye a beautiful line
Aronber Aronber Mar 10
I accidentally had my music on extremely loud in my headphones and I had a headache so it just started blasting!!!   XD
Cutepuppu6 Cutepuppu6 Oct 29, 2016
Hey is it ok if i draw this in like an anime style or try ill give you full createt on iy??
Tiger2627 Tiger2627 Jan 29
Ikr it's really sad he's the most immature in general but the most mature when needed!