Overwatch x Reader

Overwatch x Reader

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Jinx By Jinxuo Completed

Join the fun of Overwatch (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

Take the chances of...Overwatch.. (●'ω`●)

...And dive into the romance of...OVERWATCH

Or let the existential dread sink in. ( ・_・)

EncerLoL EncerLoL Oct 09
This one over here, is masterpiece.
                              Pls make more of this good shet.
It's high noon *smoking a joint while playing Russian roulette with McCree and Zarya*
Hanzo X reader? I can trade too! I won't mind :3 
                              Maybe a scene where Hanzo is jealous of the time the reader is spending with Genji.
                              You could give me a character and scenario! :)
Can you do a Mercy x Fem Reader? I have a scenario I'd like to see but I'd prefer if you pm'd me
DemonDragon: Yay! Reaper came back!
                              Lucio: And y is that so important 2 u?
                              Widowmaker: Yeah y?
                              DemonDragon: no
                              Tracer: Cmon, just tell us love.
                              DemonDragon: Alright, alright...
                              McCree: We're waiting.
                              DemonDragon: Reaper is bae.
                              Winston: wtf
                              Reaper: still here
                              DemonDragon: >:O
Can chu do (lol im so freaking sorry I thought it would be funny doe) life as D.va? Omfg im sorry XD