Different Font // WroetoFreezy {AU}

Different Font // WroetoFreezy {AU}

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Who, me? By Finneggann Completed

Teachers always tell you not to write on your arm.  Ink poison and skin problems can happen because you used a black, ball point pen that had cat stickers all over it.  I'm calling bull on that one.  Who knows, maybe those things you write on your are is important to someone else.
Callum AireyxHarry Lewis

-Alternate Universe where Soulmates are can write messages to one another through drawing or writing on their skin.  Cuts and bruises also appear on the other too.-
{Very slight trigger warning, not much.  Only a few chapters placed throughout the book, warnings will be placed}

Loosely written
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INSPIRED BY:  Blue Ink// Minishaw
Go check out that awesome book.  It's a really good read.
that one has really good descriptions and sentence flow.
Front Page Famous// wroetofreezy 
Just go give it a read, help a mate out

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