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Cupid's Arrow. {A Garrance FF} [DISCONTINUED]

Cupid's Arrow. {A Garrance FF} [DISCONTINUED]

15.4K Reads 686 Votes 18 Part Story
♡кαтнιє ♡ By KathShips9 Completed

"So what do you say Cupid?" Laurence sooths, flirtatiously Winking at me.

"Well, I think we're a perfect match." Garroth Giggles, connecting his lips with 


Garroth Ro'meave is a Love Master. His nickname is Cupid.
He can make two strangers fall in love in a split second. 
Instincts. Laurence Zvhal is known as the Hottest boy in school. He's a 
chick magnet. He can make a girl fall in love with him, in a blink of an eye.
But chicks are not what he's looking for. He's Secretly Gay.
Garroth Ro'meave and Laurence Zvhal have been in the same schools all their
Lives. They are best buds. They're in their junior year, Of High school.
They spend their high school years, together, at Phoenix Drop High. But, All of the sudden, Laurence and Garroth start to feel, Excited when around one another, 
And they develop feelings for each other. Could Laurence Zvhal be 
Mr. Cupid's 
Perfect Match? 

(Mr. Cupid's Lover...)
   ̄ ̄ ̄O  ̄. ̄ ̄ ̄
       。  o         
┃╰╯            ┃╰╮╭╯
┣━━╯        ╰━╯┃

- - Nov 30, 2016
I have never fangirled so hard me my life until I read the small Vylante nose hurts
LittlePippy33 LittlePippy33 Oct 13, 2016
Please, I know you're in there
                              People have been asking where you've beeeeen!~
aBriAiVuV aBriAiVuV Dec 29, 2016
DONT LET THEM IN DONT LET THEM SEE BE THE GOOD... good... err boy you always had to be...?
KawaiiPotato3000 KawaiiPotato3000 Jul 30, 2016
Garroth I need you to hook me up with this boy in my class...HALP!!!
MARY1359 MARY1359 Aug 11, 2016
I love how people in the comments are just wanting Gar to hook them up with their crush.Me and my crush ain't happenin since she rejected me so many times and kept sayin she isn't lesbian ; v ;
Aphmeow121 Aphmeow121 Jan 22
Hi, well me and my friend nicknamed each other and I am Laurance (nickname) but I'm a girl