True Love can spark Miracles - Sequel to Itachi Love story

True Love can spark Miracles - Sequel to Itachi Love story

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Sequel to "With you, Till the End - Uchiha Itachi Love Story"

Uchiha Emiko is left heart broken and as an empty shell. Giving up her happiness to keep the promise she gave to the one person she loved more than life itself - Uchiha Itachi.

"Watch over Sasuke for me." was his last words to her, and now she is determined to fulfill his last request. 

This is a story of Emiko as she walks her destined path, a path of pain, hatred and disguised love.

  • emiko
  • itachi
  • kage
  • konoha
  • love
  • naruto
  • sasuke
  • tsunade
momo_dibo_dania momo_dibo_dania Mar 05, 2016
My I dont know 7th time reading this book? Haha.. just love it soo much!!! Cant get enough of it😉😉
AkkiesBooks AkkiesBooks Jun 04, 2016
I loved the other book but my only worry is Kisame.
                              Kisa-kun lost both Itachi and Emi-chan... I wonder how he's holding up?
                              (That is assuming that she left the Akatsuki to be with Sasuke)
smilebook smilebook Dec 03, 2014
i cant get over the cover pic, its so sad and it has real meaning...
LK_AnimeEyes LK_AnimeEyes Apr 12, 2014
Heyyy. Im loving the story already and hopefully you‘ll be able to continue this story! :D
- - Mar 10, 2014
Wow... ur fanfic is very interesting.. i can really feel the pain they r going through... but sasuke is a different person here... n i like him cute..
                              Cant wait for ur next update.. XD