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Behind The Madness | LGBTQ

Behind The Madness | LGBTQ

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akaAmyNJohnson93 By CameoLover93 Updated 4 hours ago

Behind The Madness | Book 2 to The Bodyguard | LGBTQ (18+)

Behind The Madness is a troubled freshman in college who is struggling to figure out what his purpose is in life.

Behind The Madness is a wild, outspoken, and stubborn young man with the obstinate mentality of 'it's my way or the highway'.

Behind The Madness is the complex, emotionally guarded, but free-spirited son of Aiden Grayson and Julian McAndrew - an odd pairing that just so happened to meet and fall in love with one another during an insanely tense time that'd been filled with tons of drama, secrets, and lies.

You've already read about Aiden and Julian's story. Their beautiful, heartfelt tale is finished, sadly. However, you haven't seen the last of The Grayson's. 

It's now time for you to peer into the dramatic life of their intriguingly perplexing son - Jaiden Lee Grayson.

*big shoutout goes to @benchwxrmer for helping me out with the title. And no, you don't have to read The Bodyguard 1st in order to read this book :)

yasholovescats yasholovescats Dec 11, 2016
I like both😆😆 although sometimes it's a bit too fast....
mimz2016 mimz2016 Aug 06, 2016
This going to be hit!!! I love the bodygaurd now I'm happy that got sequel.
Sagesaurous Sagesaurous Jul 30, 2016
. . . Everything.
                              No, but seriously. The drunken kiss, the crazy bìtch, the gag reflex bit, the humor, the cuteness, the everything. The Bodyguard was such a cute book and I loved it c:
gottta-blast gottta-blast Jul 30, 2016
My favorite part that I couldn't stop thinking and laughing about was when Julian was sucking Aiden off and Aiden asked Julian  where his gag reflex was and Julian  thought mentally said "it's non-existent" 😂😂😂 im wierd
thatgaywithpen thatgaywithpen Aug 14, 2016
Imma hit that sooooooooooo freaking that NFL batters would wet their pants! 😂😂
OkayButDoULift OkayButDoULift Jul 30, 2016
I liked when Aiden was in the hospital and took accountability for his actions.