The Luna Raised By Humans

The Luna Raised By Humans

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Alyahamgirl By Alyahamgirl Updated Mar 15, 2017

"It doesn't matter anyways I'm going to be gone by first light" I state leaving no room for discussion.

"You don't have the right, you stay here until I say you can leave and I'm not going to do that" he growls.

"Oh yeah" I say walking up to him "and who's going to stop me asshole" I say my voice filled with venom.

"You forget that I have the largest pack in North America sweetheart" he says sarcastically.

"Your girlfriend won't be too happy about this will she?" At this his face drains of color. I could smell the female wolf on him and it was already making my wolf angry. "and unless you want me to accidentally lash out I suggest that you let me leave". 

"You have no rights here rouge..."

"I'm not a rouge so stop calling me that" I say cutting him off.

"What are you then?" He growls not believing me.

"I was raised by humans, I never belonged to a pack"I stated honestly.

"Bullshit you would have went on a killing spree, besides no wolf raised by humans would be able to fight like you can, you would have had to have been trained".

"This" I say gesturing to my self "is what you get when someone like us is raised by trained assigns".

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