Claiming Delaney

Claiming Delaney

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Small town librarian, Delaney Cooper, has spent all twenty-six years of her life playing it safe. After breaking character and joining her reckless sister at a questionable bar one night, Delaney meets the man that would soon turn her world around. 

Quinn Williams knew the instant he spotted Delaney in the bar that she was his. It was just disappointing Delaney didn't seem to easily accept this fact. Despite Delaney's protests Quinn is determined to claim her. Forcing Delaney to take a risk for once in her life.

*For more of Quinn & Delaney's story see part 2 in J.L. Getty's list of works
**Read more about Laurie and Chase in Loving Laurie by J.L.Getty

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JoseSparky61 JoseSparky61 Oct 29, 2017
Is Rutherford a real town or are you talking about Bloomington Indiana?
DreamAlitteBigger DreamAlitteBigger Mar 09, 2017
He could have gone more creative with the word play, just saying...
I love them all- they’re all so unique and special in their own way, I could never pick I think
foodielittlefj foodielittlefj Apr 25, 2017
Awwww 😍😍😍😍😍 I'm so jealous, no one would ever think of me like that 😞
NotMyNameHere NotMyNameHere Sep 20, 2017
But the flowers will be seriously wilted by then if you don't put them in water soon
werewolf417 werewolf417 Apr 03, 2017
I kind of wish it started out with her going to the bar and meeting him