Game Of Jealousy

Game Of Jealousy

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❝Jacob closed his eyes as tears streamed down his face.

This was a game that he didn't want to play.❞

Jacob Perez Fanfiction.

rocsroyals rocsroyals May 26
girl u didnt have to get the gun out we good. all u needed to say was he put his meat in yo bun and ill be out the dam door
rocsroyals rocsroyals May 26
nigga u is the father. dont wanna raise it? aight coo. when do u wanna send the child support? imma need a advance check and extra maternity fees k
Damn son at this point I wouldn't be surprised if he slept with Mae
This is one of those " *puts up peace sign then slowly fades away* " moments😂
I couldn't have let her walk away. I would've attacked her off guard because she's going to keep threatening her life
Sips tea ☕️☕️️☕️️☕️️☕️️☕️️☕️️