Game Of Jealousy. | mb au

Game Of Jealousy. | mb au

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❝Jacob closed his eyes as tears streamed down his face.

This was a game that he didn't want to play.❞


monshellsvge monshellsvge Nov 22, 2016
Hkw bout dis u have Jacob and he can move outta MY House that I pay my bills in sound like a good idea anyway right
Nigga don't be shocked you wasn't shocked when you was dickin her down
monshellsvge monshellsvge Nov 22, 2016
Excuse me ma'am but ik u dont know me but nahh i aint finna act nice with yo musty lookin ass if u mf dislike me so much fiht if youn wanna fight den let ME TF GO thnk u have nice mf day bishh
Tysonjah_102 Tysonjah_102 2 days ago
Damn she blunt with her friends just like me cuz I don't put up with bs at all
shegotideas- shegotideas- Dec 22, 2016
Anytime I read a Jacob Perez story I feel hot and bothered😂💀
monshellsvge monshellsvge Nov 22, 2016
Bishh its 7 billion on dis earth im pretty sure its more good dick but fr lets go to my appt and tell Jacob da news den if he tell sumone u can kill em then we can go to his funeral and juhh sit der with the engraving sayin "R.I.P PEDIWHACKER" sounds cool to me