Game Of Jealousy | mb au

Game Of Jealousy | mb au

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❝Jacob closed his eyes as tears streamed down his face.

This was a game that he didn't want to play.❞


Hkw bout dis u have Jacob and he can move outta MY House that I pay my bills in sound like a good idea anyway right
Yellhoes Yellhoes Sep 21
So damn cool in my 11's my 11's, baby you can get em next time I'll be on 10 in my 11's don't lemme walk through in my 11's my 11's
Excuse me ma'am but ik u dont know me but nahh i aint finna act nice with yo musty lookin ass if u mf dislike me so much fiht if youn wanna fight den let ME TF GO thnk u have nice mf day bishh
Young_keyz Young_keyz Oct 29
Well she the truthful one...  I like her already bro! But pry for mane
Bishh its 7 billion on dis earth im pretty sure its more good dick but fr lets go to my appt and tell Jacob da news den if he tell sumone u can kill em then we can go to his funeral and juhh sit der with the engraving sayin "R.I.P PEDIWHACKER" sounds cool to me
Shiit well i advise you to *sips tea*☕☕ STFU and be a grown ass man like u posed to