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All For You  (Cryaotic x Reader with Friends)~Completed~ ((UNDER MINOR EDITING))

All For You (Cryaotic x Reader with Friends)~Completed~ ((UNDER MINOR EDITING))

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Klance makes me cry By TheNerdBunny Completed

Before you read this story, here's a knife to stab your eyes out.

It feels better than this story.

there's literally way better cxr stories out there pls ignore this

[Note: I don't write Cry x Reader stories anymore. I don't write x Reader stories in general anymore. So, if you follow me, expecting that, then please, don't.]

[Second Note: I had been in the process of editing the story so where it mentioned Cry's eye color, it would be correct (beCAUSE GEEZ PEOPLE ARE SALTY) but then I got lazy and gave up about halfway through so that's why there's a weird shift.]

*Flashbacks to when I thought Tinker Bell was my sister* {I am comfortable to share this with the Internet. Is that a good or a bad thing?}
KcQ3960 KcQ3960 5 days ago
I look nothing like my parents but the funny thing is me and my mom dyed our hair the same colour so it works
Well I have a floof of neon pink hair on the top of my head and the sides and back are shaved so I usually just bobby pin it back lol my real sister. I wanted a little brother and sister. Please, I'll play tea party with you and put a bunch make up and make you look like a real Fairy Queen. \(;∆;\) pls be my sister.~
I could sorta make a cover.....but I don't think it'll be good
I was born in Florida, and that's where I wanna live after I graduate college