All For You  (Cryaotic x Reader with Friends)~Completed~ ((UNDER MINOR EDITING))

All For You (Cryaotic x Reader with Friends)~Completed~ ((UNDER MINOR EDITING))

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Klance makes me cry By TheNerdBunny Completed

Before you read this story, here's a knife to stab your eyes out.

It feels better than this story.

there's literally way better cxr stories out there pls ignore this

[Note: I don't write Cry x Reader stories anymore. I don't write x Reader stories in general anymore. So, if you follow me, expecting that, then please, don't.]

[Second Note: I had been in the process of editing the story so where it mentioned Cry's eye color, it would be correct (beCAUSE GEEZ PEOPLE ARE SALTY) but then I got lazy and gave up about halfway through so that's why there's a weird shift.]

*Flashbacks to when I thought Tinker Bell was my sister* {I am comfortable to share this with the Internet. Is that a good or a bad thing?}
KcQ3960 KcQ3960 Jul 20
I look nothing like my parents but the funny thing is me and my mom dyed our hair the same colour so it works
Luciform Luciform Jul 25
Lol my dad is middle eastern, mom is pacific asian, BAM you got a kid that looks like something but nobody knows what
Well I have a floof of neon pink hair on the top of my head and the sides and back are shaved so I usually just bobby pin it back lol my real sister. I wanted a little brother and sister. Please, I'll play tea party with you and put a bunch make up and make you look like a real Fairy Queen. \(;∆;\) pls be my sister.~
RavenzStuff RavenzStuff Mar 15
I could sorta make a cover.....but I don't think it'll be good