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Harry Potter Role Play

Harry Potter Role Play

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Coffee :) By Coffeecake91 Updated Dec 18, 2016

In this book you aren't reading about Hogwarts your EXPERIENCING it! You get to attend Hogwarts, and meet new people! Have fun!

Fox-Tail_Lupin121 Fox-Tail_Lupin121 Dec 18, 2016
Name: Destiny Lupin
                              Age: 16
                              Year: 6th
                              House: Slytherin
                              Personality: Bookworm, prankster
                              Gender: Female
                              Likes: Reading, pranking 
                              Dislikes: Rude people 
                              Pets: Cat name Fox
                              Crush: Blaise Zabini
                              Looks: Black hair, violet eyes, pale skin
                              Other: She is Remus Lupin's daughter. She is also a werewolf.
Iamnotapufferfish Iamnotapufferfish Dec 19, 2016
Name: Serenity Bellshine 
                              Age: 16
                              Year: 6th
                              House: Gryffindor 
                              Personality: Shy, smart, sweet 
                              Gender: Female
                              Likes: Using magic (duhr), animals, being with friends
                              Dislikes: Snots, most Slytherins
                              Pets: An owl named Trinity
                              Crush: none yet...
                              Looks: Strawberry blond hair, emerald green eyes
GeekyGlitterGirl GeekyGlitterGirl Aug 06, 2016
I'm making an oc
                              My oc:
                              In 4th year, loves school, in slytherin but is a good person, shy, kind of lonely, name: Tiana George
ObliviateMySoul ObliviateMySoul Oct 27, 2016
My oc whic is from my book will beeee
                              Thea Genisis Lupin (remus daughter).
                              She is pureblood. Shes a wolf animagus. And she always dyes her hair
SolarTheNightwing SolarTheNightwing Nov 05, 2016
Hamming StarCaster
                              3rd year
                              Funny,secretive, independent, brave,joker
                              Secretly causing trouble
                              Weak wizards and students
                              A Griffen named LionTalon
                              Amelia Black
                              Black hair and green eyes, he wears shorts and a gray shirt with a dragon-bone necklace
                              He is strong for a young wizard
Spiritlight Spiritlight Oct 29, 2016
Name: Emily Greener
                              Age: 12 
                              Year: 2nd
                              House: Ravenclaw
                              Personality: shy and brave. Can be snappy at times.
                              She loves books and studying.
                              She hates bullies.
                              She has a pitch black cat named Luna.
                              No crush
                              Looks: she has brown hair and has green eyes. She has tan skin and has wavy hair.