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Harry Potter Role Play

Harry Potter Role Play

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Coffee :) By Coffeecake91 Updated Feb 26

In this book you aren't reading about Hogwarts your EXPERIENCING it! You get to attend Hogwarts, and meet new people! Have fun!

Belle Ponds
                              Shy kind Scrastic when you get to know her
                              Likes to read writed
                              Dislikes bullies
                              Pets none
                              Crush none
                              Look Dark black hair pale skin brown eyes
                              Other:Has a friend name Nico but he not a wizard he a Demigod she hangs out with during the summer.
Moon_Girl-Narnian Moon_Girl-Narnian Dec 18, 2016
Name: Destiny Lupin
                              Age: 16
                              Year: 6th
                              House: Slytherin
                              Personality: Bookworm, prankster
                              Gender: Female
                              Likes: Reading, pranking 
                              Dislikes: Rude people 
                              Pets: Cat name Fox
                              Crush: Blaise Zabini
                              Looks: Black hair, violet eyes, pale skin
                              Other: She is Remus Lupin's daughter. She is also a werewolf.
Iamnotapufferfish Iamnotapufferfish Dec 19, 2016
Name: Serenity Bellshine 
                              Age: 16
                              Year: 6th
                              House: Gryffindor 
                              Personality: Shy, smart, sweet 
                              Gender: Female
                              Likes: Using magic (duhr), animals, being with friends
                              Dislikes: Snots, most Slytherins
                              Pets: An owl named Trinity
                              Crush: none yet...
                              Looks: Strawberry blond hair, emerald green eyes
GeekyGlitterGirl GeekyGlitterGirl Aug 06, 2016
I'm making an oc
                              My oc:
                              In 4th year, loves school, in slytherin but is a good person, shy, kind of lonely, name: Tiana George
ObliviateMySoul ObliviateMySoul Oct 27, 2016
My oc whic is from my book will beeee
                              Thea Genisis Lupin (remus daughter).
                              She is pureblood. Shes a wolf animagus. And she always dyes her hair
SolarTheNightwing SolarTheNightwing Nov 05, 2016
Hamming StarCaster
                              3rd year
                              Funny,secretive, independent, brave,joker
                              Secretly causing trouble
                              Weak wizards and students
                              A Griffen named LionTalon
                              Amelia Black
                              Black hair and green eyes, he wears shorts and a gray shirt with a dragon-bone necklace
                              He is strong for a young wizard