She's the one [Naruto Variousx reader]

She's the one [Naruto Variousx reader]

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Crazy Kid** By Alcazor Updated Jun 05, 2017

Y/N Otsutsuki, the most interesting ninja the Leaf Village has met. The Otsutsukis, known differently to Y/N than what the stories had informed.

With her cheery and kind attitude that could instantly snap to a defensive and sassy girl, who would know what her next adventure be. 

What will happen when she faces with unexpected challenges?
When she gains rivals but meets allies.
When she has to choose between the love of her friends, getting into situations she may be stuck with for the rest of her life. But one question remains:

What will she do?...

What will YOU do?

All credits for the plot and characters, excluding my OCs,
go to Masashi Kishimoto. Woo! The maker of Naruto!

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Mario-luna Mario-luna Nov 10, 2017
Yeah...kinda Mary Sue not to be mean,but why is she stronger than the whole clan as a baby?
Sorry but I’ll change my appearance, I’ll still have blue eyes but instead of having blonde hair I will have white hair and no whiskers.
Imma change the hair to dark crimson and then unlimited stamina one to dark red. Also, I'm not wearing a dress.
thelevi27 thelevi27 Sep 13, 2017
Ill change mine just a little no whiskers and black shoulder length hair
Uhh why do I have whiskers?The only reason Naruto actually has whiskers is because he has Kurama ;-;
I'm sorry author-chan. I want my looks be the same like my first name, since the first name is Kurohana
                              I'm gonna change my hair into jet black and had gold eyes