The End of Innocence

The End of Innocence

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Five months ago, the small, secretive town of Altenview, Massachusetts, was struck by tragedy when fourteen-year-old Eleanor West disappeared without a trace. Even now, many of Eleanor's old classmates are affected by her and her mysterious disappearance. There's her old group of friends, which is slowly starting to crumble at the edges. There's Emma, a loner who is truly left with no one now that Eleanor is gone. And then there's Clare, who moved in right after Eleanor disappeared, and has never really found her place in Altenview.

When the town is struck by a similar disappearance, Eleanor's classmates come together, desperate to find the answers they crave. But as the layers are pulled away and secrets are revealed, will they be ready for the truths they discover? 

Find out in this teen mystery where everyone has a story to tell and no one is ready to tell it.

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