After The Shooting

After The Shooting

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Tess By TessMackenzie Updated Oct 04, 2013


So this is just a bit of a side-thing for fun.  Just something I wanted to try.  And this is not smut, just in case anyone wondered.

The blurb at the moment is this - “Anna, a constable in the New South Wales police in Australia, is shot in the line of duty.  It isn’t really a good day for her.  Some stuff then happens.”

That’s it! 

At the moment I have no idea what happens next, but I wanted to try just writing it over time, like very short chapters, maybe a couple of pages at a time, maybe once a week, with no plan of where it’s going.  Mainly to make myself do it, and so eventually it turns into a kind of serialized short-chapter novel thing.  But mainly just see where it goes.  

So I’ll try and update it once a week, probably Fridays.  Because, um, it was a Friday the day I started.  And that puts a deadline on me.

So I’m also doing this at a site called JukePop, if you happen to see that, also about a cop in Sydney, but these are two different stories.  This was kind of the start I didn’t use for that one, but I wanted to see where it ended up anyway.

Um, and thank you for looking.  Just really, really thank you.

UPDATE SORT-OF: So it's normally today I put a new part of this up so this to explain. I'm just going to put this on hold for a couple of weeks, so I can concentrate on Housemates, because that's going very well.  I'll come back to this though after that.  And thank you for reading!

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VeronicaPena1 VeronicaPena1 Jun 28, 2014
Ohhh man this is sooo not good period but she has to make it I mean she does right....
VeronicaPena1 VeronicaPena1 Jun 28, 2014
Hmmm talk about fast action's starting out really good...
Journey64 Journey64 Jan 07, 2014
why does help always take forever to get there...yeah I'm scared for Anna
Journey64 Journey64 Jan 07, 2014
as you can see I just can't get enough of your stories. this starts with a bang...literally
katelynoregan katelynoregan Oct 28, 2013
i love that story its so attractive it makes u want to read more i think ur really good