Rose Petals » ohshc (imagines - headcanons) [C L O S E D]

Rose Petals » ohshc (imagines - headcanons) [C L O S E D]

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(Ouran High School Host Club // various)

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Ouran High School Host Club | Bisco Hatori
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How about when the host club takes there girlfriend on there first date.
Maybe...most to least likely break out into song? (Just finished watching Bad lip reading's High School Musical! xD)
                              Also, music-wise, I've been obsessed with House of Gold from Twenty One Pilots...
ItsanEchan ItsanEchan Sep 23
                              XD pls don't title the chapter that.... but you get the point; nerves, vows, first dance songs, etc. Cheesy stuff.
                              WEDDING CRAPPPPPPPP
Gosh...I was gonna request something...but from all these comments you're probably super stressed. Good luck with all of these \(^o^)/
ItsanEchan ItsanEchan Sep 05
You should do the hosts' girlfriend/whateverrelationshipstagethey'reat telling the host that they're pregnant. I just wanna see what you'll come up with more than anything, but... yeah!
What would do when there asking you to be there girlfriend. Would be fun to see.