Broken Hearts: kingbee {no longer writing}

Broken Hearts: kingbee {no longer writing}

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marta By tylerrsdaughter Updated Jul 02, 2017

It's the yearly cube meet up and everyone's excited. Especially Bianca. Why she's excited? Well, she gets to see her best friend Will of course! No one knows it, but Will and Bee are secretly best friends. And what Bee doesn't know, is that Will has feelings for her. Strong feelings. The type that makes you feel like you got punched in the stomach the second they walk through the door. What Will doesn't know, is that Bee is crushing on him, too. Not the type of crush Will has on her, but small tingly feeling of love. But every second she hears his name she falls deeper for him. 

Then there's a man. Red headed, clever and slick, strong accented, has a big bushy beard and a nappy set of hair and that he hasn't cut or shaved because he's too busy ruining Bianca's life. His name? You'll find out.

What Will happen when they meet up for the first time in a year or so? Will they hit it off? Will they confess feelings on the first day? Will they fall out of love? Can Will protect Bianca from her creepy cyber and real life stalker? Well, here's your answer:

People will be stalked, punches will be thrown, secrets will be spilled, but over all...

Hearts will be broken.

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gabisdoll gabisdoll Jul 31, 2016
BUZZ BUZZ B*TCH AYEE (Wattpad doesn't like swearing -_-) but Will is a little HOEEEE! I love the story so far ;)
IGotYesJams_ IGotYesJams_ Aug 01, 2016
*Comments, hoping other people comment to make it 6 comments*