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Not Love A Business Contract

Not Love A Business Contract

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Zaylin Silver By sweetiezee Completed

  We will appear to be a married couple for the sake of the public for three years. I have a trust fund of about two million dollars. I will pay you the rest of the money in three years. Once the loan is paid in full we will go our separate ways Juliet says, he is a businessman he will see that this is a win-win.
  For a moment it felt as though Keith had lost control of the car, they swirled before his foot hits hard on the brakes causing the car to come to a sudden stop. He turns to face her with the usual cold glare on his expressionless face, his grey eyes inflamed with fury. Well? Do we have a deal? she asked.
  No! Keith replied. 
  No? Juliet repeated in confused. What do you mean no? she asked 
  I mean I do not accept your proposal! Keith said as though they were talking about the weather. 
  Juliet Wagner is a nineteen-year-old simple, happy-go-lucky, charming, sometimes naïve and a sweet girl. She is the angel parents pray for when expecting a child. Her shy, timid yet very welcoming and kind personality has her adored, by even strangers who haven't spoken two words to her.
  Juliet lives in San Diego, California. If anything, she has lived a good, happy and prosperous life until the biggest tragedy of them all struck on November 2014, the night before thanksgiving. From then on nothing in her life remained the same.
  Just to make matters worse, a business man had her father stuck between a rock and a hard place. Juliet is a young teenager with the weight of the world over her shoulders. Can she really marry a stranger, five years her senior, to save her family?

OMG this is so good
                              No wonder why romance stories are my favourites💕
wattylove20 wattylove20 Aug 08, 2016
Reading it for the second time. Love this book :) Thank you for publishing it again!
Jazzed14 Jazzed14 Jul 31, 2016
Thank you soooo much for publishing the book again I'm soooo excited 😄😄😍😍😍😍😊😊😊😁😁😁
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This is so exciting. This is one of my favorite stories here. Thank you. :D
ladyfranviera ladyfranviera Jul 31, 2016
Thank u so much for reuploading this story! I've been waiting to reread this story and I can't wait until u reupload the rest of the chapters!
JackieJake JackieJake Jul 31, 2016
OHMYGOD YESSSSSSSS!!!! I can't wait to read more of it! 
                              Thank you so much!! ❤️🙏🏻