Elementals vs Humans: Switched (Parody? XD)

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Talia Serenity Hope By DreamingImagination Updated 3 years ago
    A/N: Okay, yes, I know this is the summary area, but this really needs to be said and seen: I AM SO SORRY. Oh, all you poor souls I have forced to read this... this horrible excuse for literature. I'm deeply and utterly sorry that you have been scarred in this manner. u~u
    Crap, I entered this in the Watty Awards one year too, right? What was I thinking??
    There is just so much WRONG with this story! It requires a major makeover, but I'm afraid the stylist side of me has been on a very long leave... So if I end up finding time to come back here regularly, I shall put this story at the top of my priority list. Copying all the chapters and then taking it down is too time-consuming of a task so I'm afraid all I can provide you for now is this warning - which is sadly longer and better worded than the summary of this... this.
    Well then, enjoy life! AND DO NOT PROCEED ANY FURTHER!!
    ((I am gradually working on editing each chapter. One major change needs to be Celeste's personality.))
    Two very different girls: Scarlet and Celeste. They live two very different lives of their own. They have their own different love problems. They have their own different friends. They have their own different powers. Oops. Did I just say that? Well, they don't know they have powers. And the humans tend to keep it that way but the Elementals think differently...
I really enjoyed this story can't wait to read the second story. If anyone can please tell me how to see if a story in my libary is complete.
I see this story is complete but can't always tell if it just ends with chapters. How can I tell if a story that I have downloaded is complete.
Hey... my name is Celeste...Thats really cool. oh and i love it its very well writen
Loved the first line ^.^ Poor Sydney! Wonderfully written *voted*
terrible, in one chapt those girls lost everything! I don't blame her for vowing revenge, how could she feel any other way? I hope somehow Harper gets located and is reunited with her mother and sister. I wonder what the humans wanted with them and why the war to begin with?
Aw, I feel bad for Sidney. I agree with@WhoRocksYoSocks . I really like this story and where its going. Voted.