The Stranger Is My Husband

The Stranger Is My Husband

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AkoAySecretHaha By AkoAySecretHaha Completed

"No dad! There's no way i'll marry that man!" I almost shout on top of my lungs. I couldn't believe that my dad wants me to marry someone I didn't know. I find it ridiculous.

Meet Katherine Rose Anderson, a lady from a well-known family, she's a hotel heiress. Unfortunately, their family business was about to be bankrupt, so they need a 'little' help. So her dad, George Anderson, accepted the offer of his friend, named Michael Summers, who happens to be an influential man in hotel industry. Michael offered George a 'merger'. In what way? By arranging a marriage between his son, Zac Summers and Katherine. How things will happen? You'll find out.

(Whatever the names or the situations are it only comes from the writers imagination)

bushilaoshi bushilaoshi Apr 02, 2017
I always thought it was dundundundun, dundundundun. That might be for a horror movie though.
ChristyMiller649 ChristyMiller649 Mar 09, 2016
Despite the grammatical errors, it was a great start. I can't wait to finish reading it just to see what happens!
YouGottaFriendInMe YouGottaFriendInMe Apr 04, 2016
I just read that as like a dark tune... Read the next line and was like "oh sorry... My bad ☺️.." 🙈🙈