Responsibility (Underfell Sans X Reader)

Responsibility (Underfell Sans X Reader)

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Sebethian By I-Ship-It-So-Much Completed

You wake up on a bed of golden flowers and find a friend to help you through the Ruins. You narrowly avoid death by killer goat mom and have your mind set on leaving the Underground. 

But then you bump into someone. He's a bit of a jerk, he swears a lot, and he looks positively terrifying. But Sans didn't kill you on sight. He also stopped his brother before he destroyed you and convinced Papyrus to keep you as their slave rather than as a dead body. But Paps makes Sans agree that you are his responsibility and it is Sans' job to look after you.

Things may seem tough, but at least you have two friends. Flowey is one. Sans could be called the other but you're constantly debating this.

Soon however, you realise something. You don't want Sans to be your friend at all. Your feelings for him are stronger than that.

(Warning: contains strong language. I mean like mega swears words. We're talking the F word, the S word... even the C word. Yep. So... read with caution if you're 4 I guess.)

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Nekoqueen28 Nekoqueen28 Jul 25, 2017
I'm a fangirl as well. However, I am sort in the tsndere types.
Frozen_Lilac_Sunrise Frozen_Lilac_Sunrise Feb 20, 2017
Not really i just like the game and when I read x readers of Undertale and other aus they tend to have better plots and a cute storyline so I was like why not I love to read and have nothing better to do with my life
xXnightmareshadowXx xXnightmareshadowXx Aug 10, 2016
Talking to flowers ok I'm going insane I knew it would happen one day
XxxMJCupcakexxX XxxMJCupcakexxX Jan 08, 2017
I dont mean to be rude in any way but did you mean 'powdery' ?
imundertaletrash- imundertaletrash- Aug 26, 2016
Flowey: sticks and stones will break their bones but words will never hurt them.
                              Me: *throws a dictionary at Toriels head* TAKE THAT MOTHERFUCKER
                              Flowey: or... Do that.. I guess..?