Horrortale Book 2 - This isn't you. (SansxFrisk)

Horrortale Book 2 - This isn't you. (SansxFrisk)

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Book 2 of Don't get to close.

SansxFrisk again.

Blah blah blah rest in the book.

...is there something supposed to be dirty there why is everyone yelling
*froze* *screams in demonic voice* *flips every table in sight*
This is why I thought Paps couldnt talk. Dogs cant talk dude...
...However The I Always Come Back Point It Resets So Unless She Saves Her Progress From Then She'll Be Set Back To No Thought Paps. (Also I Don't Ship This Ship But It Has Good Writing So Good Job)
TheShrugirl TheShrugirl Feb 25
Oh sans, you sure don't waste an oppurtunity.
                              *cough* AND I DON'T WANT YOU TOO *cough*
I might cry... Paps was so innocent then he went insane.... I almost cried looking at pictures of Papyrus 😢