husky ⇨ verkwan

husky ⇨ verkwan

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» col « By svtylinson Updated Dec 31, 2016

❝ i work at a pet store and jesus christ how many fish do you need. ❞ 

❰ seungkwan x hansol ❱

50% epistolary ➣ 50% narrative | ⚣

shykwan shykwan Aug 27, 2016
Awww I like this so much so far !!! THE GROUPCHAT PART GOT ME LAUGHING SO MUCH and its a great fanfic i like it 👌👏 can't wait for the next chapter !
xxCuteJungkookxx xxCuteJungkookxx Nov 28, 2016
Wonwoo is supposed to be emo, so it makes this even funnier at how worked up he is.
melonface56 melonface56 Nov 22, 2016
Winwin! Nct! My child that is older than me! Sorry.....I can't help it...fangirl problems....
minghaosbubble minghaosbubble Aug 23, 2016
is it bc he's always thirsty and in need of water 24/7??????????