I'll help you· AG & JB

I'll help you· AG & JB

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|daughter of God| By muffstin Updated Nov 14

Her husband abused her.

She wanted another life; although their love was really strong.

A young man came on her way and helped her experience something different.

Their feelings grew each day.

Their love was like a fairytale.

Their love was unbreakable.
She asked him to help her get away.

He agreed.
''Will you help me?'' she asks trying to regain her breath after all this running.

''I'll help you'' he says looking at her. He was extremely sure about this decision.

Was she?

A jariana love story.

Bomb asf!! Love it but don't like liam... Liam can suck ricky rats d*ck
My_Main_Hoe My_Main_Hoe Jul 29
Life isn't easy without having some hard trials to go througu
My_Main_Hoe My_Main_Hoe Jul 29
Leave the abusive husband because it won't get bettet and leave with this other guy
My_Main_Hoe My_Main_Hoe Jul 29
At the end of the day I gotta do what's best for ME and my health
muffstin muffstin Jul 31
I know cha.1 was reallyyy boring but cha.2 is more interesting. I am trying really hard.♡ lots of love