SerVamp X Dandere! Reader X OC

SerVamp X Dandere! Reader X OC

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papa smol bean||hiatus By boxfetus Updated Oct 24, 2016

You're a kind, shy, INNOCENT, and smart girl. You don't have many friends because of your shyness. One day, you become friends with Mahiru, Sakuya, Ryusei, and Koyuki. On your way home from school, you see a siberian husky lying on the ground, and name him Kuto (my OC). What you didn't expect, was that you were becoming the  "Reverse Harem Queen". Cool, right? 

Story Contains: Bad Grammar, Bad Spelling, OOC (out of character), romance, and Author (Aka Box Box) being an idiot. Hope you enjoy!!

I made this on July 31st, 2016.

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Cometsky Cometsky Jul 14
@KoyuPandaWover I agree CHIBI PANDA. Ironically my insert character wears a panda hoodie.
Moonweather Moonweather Sep 19
late i know
                              that looks like a humanized htf character, and if memory serves me right, nutty is a squirrel. 
I can just imagine him on a cruise ship and somebody screams "hey look a WHALE" *lould screams* awkward silence*😐
Rain_030 Rain_030 Jul 17
Not kiss me, lol. When I read (Y/N) I read it just as YN. So YN is YN, she'll decide.
If he and I were born the same year, he would be 3 days older than me................................
NakaMushoku NakaMushoku Aug 13, 2016
- Kitsu katsu - this is how the japanese people pronounced it i think it means good luck? And that is why kit kat is booming at Japan