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Dragon's Quest

Dragon's Quest

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Azreal Fíernen By Moongirl1012 Updated May 07

Amberly and Holly, polar opposites living normal lives, are thrust into a world of myth and magic--Drakonnia. The world is threatened by a mysterious force, and its only hope lies in an elite group with the two girls amongst the chosen. With the odds against them, they are forced to make decisions they would have never dreamed of; love or power, life or death, giving in or learning how to fly. 
            Amberly's problems consisted of dealing with her arguing mother and stepfather, not being in the middle of a decades-old power struggle. She would much rather be reading a book, then sent on a quest to save the world
 Holly had a life she'd very much liked to keep; she was popular she was liked and sure she had some problems, but she was happy-somewhat. But magical Portals that decide to bring you to a magical world don't exactly care about that kind of stuff.
    They are both taken; dropped into a world incomparable to their own. Drakonnia has soaring mountains, vast oceans, and colossal forests. They come to appreciate the new society and accept their fate to live their days out here without returning.  But Drakonnia is not as peaceful as it seemed. It will be soon be covered in a blackness that will choke everything and anything.  Together, they must stop it from destroying the world they have come to appreciate.   A prophecy issued from the stars commands Amberly and Holly to save Drakonnia. Along with help from Travis, another person from Earth, they must venture into the maze and face their greatest fears. 
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          - Thanks to @almostovertherainbow for the amazing cover!
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    Signing out for now, 
Azrael Fíernen 

Avalyn1584 Avalyn1584 May 15
The scene where the leaf flutters down and comes to a rest on Amberly's nose was beautifully written. I really liked the description.
Avalyn1584 Avalyn1584 May 15
If I could vote multiple times, I would definitely do so!
                              I'll be back very soon to leave a longer comment telling you what I thought of the chapter overall and to give any further editing suggestions that I think may help. :)
Avalyn1584 Avalyn1584 May 15
Even though this is the third time  I've read this part of the chapter, and even though things are all happening so fast, this part still gives me chills.
Avalyn1584 Avalyn1584 May 15
I believe 'was' is needed between 'when' and 'she. 
                              Excellent description in this paragraph as well, might I add.
Avalyn1584 Avalyn1584 May 15
Haha, the person who commented below noticed something that never even occurred to me when reading this paragraph. I think it's fine as is though.
Akrinias Akrinias Oct 04, 2016
Ooh on the part where you say 'lying on the cushiony (love that word XD), spongy moss at the bar of a tall, thick oak,' there should be a 'she' before you continue 'turned her head toward the trickling brook that...'