Stop The Animal Abuse!

Stop The Animal Abuse!

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Animal abuse is a very real problem across the world that most government leaders aren't acknowledging. Most citizens in those countries are barely aware that this is happening. We hope that after you read this book you'll feel more inspired to drop some spare change into the ASPCA donation box.

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:Some images may be disturbing a warning will be placed if we feel it necessary on a chapter:

:Each animal on the book cover has had awareness spread for them through this book:

- - Aug 27, 2016
When I heard the word Canada. . .i cringed at the thing we did.
FlamingMoon52 FlamingMoon52 Aug 31, 2016
I love this book thank you for all you're doing! I've been thinking of doing a similar book but for endangered animals
SerenityCats_Team SerenityCats_Team Oct 10, 2016
Could I just say something? If you could add this I would be grateful. Rabbits are abused more than Cats AND Dogs Everyday. I own a Rabbit myself. There very easy to take care of and they don't take a'lot of Money. There fun to watch and play with.
ThePickleLlama ThePickleLlama Nov 11, 2016
I always put my spare change in the animal shelters box if there's one their and once we donated food for all the animals their when they were low on it
ThePickleLlama ThePickleLlama Nov 11, 2016
I never really thought that those poor little birds are treated so poorly anyone who has abused an animal should get a taste of their own medicine