Ruse Defiance (GirlxGirl) COMPLETED

Ruse Defiance (GirlxGirl) COMPLETED

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Blue By Neryosse Updated Sep 03, 2017

[Excerpt] " I ask for their heads and their filthy bloods on my hand,
I ask for revenge and kill with my demons just to see it happen.
But I never asked for this... I never asked for you! 
I never asked for you to love me.. don't. Just hate me, please."

Alexis, is the girl who believes in nothing but revenge and death in the end - nothing in between. She's sure nothing could come in between, until serendipity came; HER. The girl who believes that love is to fight for it and she will no matter what. And so they fought, eyes to eyes and fangs to tooth but just when things are getting out of hand and in serene chaos; the haunting Demons came and leave Alexis with a choice - leave and perish or stay and die. 

What will you do when love became a gateway to hell and a danger sign for the lurking beast, would you still risk it for the dangerous happiness or leave the fight? 

In this war of love and hate, how long can you give?

Read and find out. 

This is girl x girl and if you don't like this; then good for you. GO On and don't look back.