Ask Dem CreepyPastas

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Xena, or Zee for short :3 By XenaGrace Updated 7 months ago
The Creepypasta's are here to answer your questions and dares! :D Make 'em dirty, sad, I DONT CARE!!! Every question will be answered :D  *Edit  Every question will NOT be answered...I said that back when I got like 5 questions per thing now I get over 100 xD
i dare BEN to pour soda on his console wiyh nothing on top of it.
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To anyone who can answer: what's it like to kill? I've always wanted to know!
                                    Please ask this girl out fake ben. (Sorry, but I have a suspicion that the real ben is mad for asking that, so I'm saying fake ben.)
I dare everyone to dress as the lead singer of their favorite band.
Jane is da sheet screw dem haters! (I still like Jeff more doe)