I'm Half-Quileute, a Wolf, and Imprinted on the Hothead?

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Jay By finnickodairlover Updated 3 years ago
Disclaimer: Stephanie Meyer owns TWILIGHT, I just make up the plot for this story! Bella is Sam's half-sister. She phases after the Cullen's leave Forks in New Moon and her and Paul imprint on each other. Can they learn to love each other?
    What will happen if the Cullen's come back into the equation?
I love Emily's character. I just cant think of Sam having a lil sis. But its so cool.
so i saw this on my stories u may like page and i read the descriptions and was skeptical at first. I thought it be to differnt to be good, but i was wayyyyyyyy wrong. I love it. I'm voting and adding to my libary.
i like this story so far i hope you wright more soon.................
oh i am so excited to read this i love paul and bella storys.... i can hardly ever fine them...