The CleanUp Man

The CleanUp Man

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B R I T T N E Y By Amour_douce_ Updated Jul 14, 2014

What's done in the dark comes to the light...

Breann Thompson seems to be a happily married woman to the world around her but inside she's begging for more. More affection, more intimacy, more life, more love, more peace, more appreciation. She thought that what she would have when she married her husband Joe, but as the years go by.. she has found that he may not be the one for her afterall.            

Breann always has the feeling that she will be stuck forever in a dead end marriage with her only escape and sense of freedom being her work. It's there where she meets Brian Carr. They start out as friends, but when feelings grow stronger, Breann will not be the one to stop it.      

They always say, treat your woman right or another man will. Joe may have to find this out the hard way. Keep reading to see what happens when a woman finds her Cleanup Man...will it really be all it's cut out to be? 


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AlexisRachal AlexisRachal Sep 18, 2014
I would kill joe ass , who tf he think he is he would have CEREAL without milk for damn breakfast
itsmeindie itsmeindie Mar 01, 2014
this is going to be the best book I've ever read... I can feel it
Ahjacense Ahjacense Feb 05, 2014
Your off to a fantastic start..joe is a bastard and he selfish!! breanna need to cut her loses now and walk away..I see brain being a nice piece of eye candy!!
just_lirikal3470 just_lirikal3470 Dec 20, 2013
Good start her husband is an fool why would you do that to someone you are supposed to be in love with.  He is pushing her farther and farther out the door.
shaneqwa shaneqwa Dec 02, 2013
her husband is a jerk..she should leave him, he need to be by himself..
lindaverji lindaverji Sep 16, 2013
As much as I dislike Joe, I think Breamm is also to blame. People only take as much power over you as you allow them. She's the one who keep walking into his arms and giving him the P. Someone needs to castrate that bastard though.