Elena Merlin - A Harry  Potter Fanfic

Elena Merlin - A Harry Potter Fanfic

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J By vanity_insanity Updated Jan 06, 2011

Elena Patricia Phoenix Tabitha Merlin was not your average girl, nor was she an average witch. She possessed unusual powers, which were practically unheard of in the wizarding world. She was exposed to her telekinetic powers when she was four, the day that her parents were assassinated by order of He who must not be named. Her powers increased as she got older, shaping her to be perhaps one of the most powerful witches of all time. She had always attempted to keep the full extent of her powers secret. Most of the wizarding world was aware of her story and how she escaped her intended fate on the day of her parents death. The wizarding world echoed with the tale of the girl who evaded Volde mort’s wrath by retreating into an impenetrable shield

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lolathedramaqueen lolathedramaqueen May 07, 2017
I am so confused... you keep saying one thing and later change it to another... great story though
Just need to say, my school has an white stuffed ferret, it's like Draco's twin
narglesR4reel narglesR4reel Jul 10, 2017
Extreme plot twist that no writer except me wants to deal with... elena does not speak english
_irrelevant_emo _irrelevant_emo Jan 25, 2017
I never know how to pronounce her name. Is it pronounced NarKISSa or is it pronounced NarSISa???? Someone plz halp
Imbusysavingtheworld Imbusysavingtheworld Aug 06, 2013
Great Job, this is really interesting! I love Merlin Harry Potter Crossovers and I think your idea ws very unique!
OakFeather OakFeather Oct 02, 2012
Interesting start so far!!! 
                              I can't wait to see what unfolds in this story!!