||Cutie 1||

||Cutie 1||

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A book centered around Jungkook being bangtans twink. 

This is Book #1 in the 'Cutie series'.

(This book used to be called- Twink 1)


Also the CUTIE series books don't connect to eachother expect for the fact that it centres around one member being the 'twink'.

Book #1 : cutie (Jungkook centric)
Book #1.2 : cutie Book#2 (Jungkook centric)
Book #2 : Baby boy (Namjoon centric)
Book #3 : kitten (Taehyung centric)


Polish- @sumgyeojinkkoch

Why would you leave baby kookie?! If you don't want him their are plenty of ARMYs to take him in
Omg she just left her son....Wow mother of the year come I clap for you *note sarcasm*