I'm Still Here {Underswap!Papyrus X Reader} •INTERACTIVE!•

I'm Still Here {Underswap!Papyrus X Reader} •INTERACTIVE!•

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The barrier had been broken since before you were born. Monsters and humans now lived peacefully together in the same world. 

You previously went to high school with many monsters and are now going off to college with your sister, Eva. 

In the past, you got along with everybody just fine and made friends easily. But when a certain skeleton becomes your roommate, things are about to change.

《This will be an Undertale Fanfiction that you, the reader, will have the chance to choose what you want!》

YAAS I absolutely love napstablook so so much!! (I also really like sans but that's not relevant right now)
Can you make a storyshift!Chara x reader story... Please (You don't have to do it)
Lol surprised no one picked this adorable mess of a husband. Not voting since Papyrus is cooler, but seeing Grillby got more than Asgoreos, it just shows how sad this fandom can be sometimes.
                              Rip had a weird dream where it turned into a pron fandom and all the sane people left
This is what I thought this was about XD, maybe I didn't read the description....maybe..
WHAT NO ONE VOTED FOR BURGER-KUN!HOW DARE YOU *hugs burgerpants*i love you don't worry
I love the idea of a slowburn mostly because there aren't many good fanfics that have slow burn. The fastest romance was only 3 chapters before the love 3!!!!