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Solangelo Cuteness

Solangelo Cuteness

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AHHHH By RoyalsOfSolangelo Updated 4 days ago

A collection of solangelo one shots that I created. If I got an idea from someone I will credit them. 


There will be triggers in some chapters

I'm sorry. No smut. 

Prepare for feels 

I do not take credit for any fanart or characters

Omg my stomach actually churned when I read this ahhhhh
                              *dies of fangirling too much*
billcipher15 billcipher15 Oct 09, 2016
The pegasi are singing... The moonlaces are blooming.... On days like these.... Ares kids like you.... Should be burning in Tartarus
Storm1001 Storm1001 Aug 24, 2016
Nico: What a beautiful day today the birds are sing the flowers are blooming on days like these kids like you should be burning in hell
JordanPym JordanPym Oct 15, 2016
                              You're a great writer!
                              *Megalovania plays*
                              What? I'm not even a Ares kid!
                              *Nico appears*
                              Nico: I know, but you stole my diary!
                              I REGRET NOTHING!!! 
                              *runs with hands in the air, screaming "Will!"*
                              Nico: you're dead.
HesitantHobbit HesitantHobbit Sep 15, 2016
                              NOBODY EVER STOPS- Shiiiiipping~
HesitantHobbit HesitantHobbit Sep 15, 2016
I was squealing at such a high pitch my brother ask if something in the kitchen broke.