Father!Toby x Daughter!Reader

Father!Toby x Daughter!Reader

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Arti Pander By ArtizaPander Updated Oct 19, 2017

I don't know what I was thinking about when I wrote this. I have to say that my English is not the best, but @K_Anne224 is helping me through this.

WARNING: It contains violence, vulgar language, sex (smut/lemon), kinks (mostly the daddy kink), incest, and others. The scenes are going to be very detailed. If you don't like it, DON'T read it.


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Golden_zombie Golden_zombie Jul 23, 2017
Saya it kinda sounds like my name but with out the h also I live your book by the way!
CarleyGross012 CarleyGross012 Feb 15, 2017
"You should know very well of what I want Saya" I replied in a deep husky voice grabbing the baby's blanket and putting it around the child
CarleyGross012 CarleyGross012 Feb 15, 2017
"You killed her Toby?" he had asked me as I nodded "So the child's yours?" I had nodded again in response
CarleyGross012 CarleyGross012 Feb 15, 2017
I tackle her pressing the hatchet into her head hearing her bones crack as I stop. I smiled to myself and take an arm carrying it on my back
CarleyGross012 CarleyGross012 Feb 15, 2017
Well here I am, I remember the house she lived in, near the woods and looked exactly the same as it did before.
                              She had already had the child but I never did find out what the gender of the baby was.
CarleyGross012 CarleyGross012 Feb 15, 2017
The corrections for this would be 
                              I didn't really care about the mission, but I had to come to do something with my...friend.
                              Madly and Hoodie knew who I was talking about so they let me tag along while they where busy on their mission.