Living With The O'Neil Brothers

Living With The O'Neil Brothers

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The O'Neil brothers aren't like any other regular family. They are the most feared family in town. 

Now, figure this. A new girl is forced, by her parents, to stay with them for awile. This girl is also badass but not as much as the guys. Tattoos marked up and down her body. Lip and eyebrow peircing. The only thing different about her and the guys is that her past is fücked up.


Contains: Self harm, Rape, and Suicide


  • brothers
  • eyebrowpeircing
  • lipring
  • onegirl
  • tattoos
niyafoster niyafoster Jul 18
As I recall most green gods look like multi colored sacks of potatoes, or at least what I got from Hercules-disney
Watch something will happen later on about the corn and it will either be a prank or something major but I think she'll get given corn
niyafoster niyafoster Jul 18
If you have ever seen ouran high school host club you can already guess what I'm gonna say
                              I SHIP THE TWINS SOOO HARD AGHH
I love them both equally and then there is twenty øne piløts and MCR, THERE IS NO WAY TO CHOSE!
They're both rubbish, listen to j hus, loski, mist or twenty88
I just noticed if you look at the 1st letter in each of their names outta ABCDE