Louis' Daughter? (Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction)

Louis' Daughter? (Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction)

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How would you feel if you were someone's daughter but they didn't know? They had no clue you existed or that you belonged to them? You were their flesh and blood, yet you couldn't call them mum or dad? 

Emily Rose, was born 7 years ago on March 5th, 2006. She has lived 7 years without a father figure in her life. Her mother struggling to support the two of them. When one day, her mum gets in a car accident and dies, what would Louis do when he get a call telling him he has a daughter? When he takes her in to be the father she needs, will he be cut out for it? 

Find out as you read, Louis' Daughter.

kira09296 kira09296 Mar 06
Not that I done it or saw it but would u do if you found out that someone did theses things?
5sosmakemehappy 5sosmakemehappy Nov 27, 2015
                              And how could you make such a sad trailer.......
meliac16 meliac16 Jul 24, 2015
you are a fantab-louis write!!!!!!!!!!!!hehe see what i did there not original at all
_BlissfulDreamer___ _BlissfulDreamer___ Jun 20, 2014
a 13 year old is having a kid at my school and she is proud of it. I was like DAFUQ yo parents at. lol
clumsyrayann clumsyrayann May 21, 2014
its ok my friends mom had my friend at 14 and i would be lost without her so some people make mistakes in life this just shows nobody is perfect
GuppiesBubbles GuppiesBubbles Dec 23, 2013
it's fine, some people actually have had children at age 14, sooo i think youre good. I LOVE YOURE STORY!!