Bully || Yoonmin (Editing)

Bully || Yoonmin (Editing)

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Min Suga Genius By minsugajjangjjangman Updated Feb 24

Jimin is haunted by the school's top D-list students- being a pudgy, four eyed nobody has made him a main target for trouble. 
After leaving his awful school life behind and rebuilding himself, Jimin faces his longtime bully once again with a mind set on giving him a taste of his own medicine. 

Started: 8-27-15 
Ended:  3-14-16

Editing start: 11-29-17
Editing completed:

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I kinda wish it was Tony comin to save lil chimchim 👏👏😭
QueenShookyeondan QueenShookyeondan 5 days ago
                              Jimin’s not a crude word for a cigarette, thank you
                              Now you can go shove your opinion up your slûtty asshòle, dirty bitch
He's SmoL and fraGile and and...  *cute. * - in jacksons voice lol
He reminds me of that dude from Daniel Cohns music video, except for Suga is 100 times more hot
Thats why i dont judge sum nerdies at school cuz ya know... puberty hits hard