I Met Him In A Towel

I Met Him In A Towel

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Mari XO By Mari_4Life Updated Nov 11

•  Sequel to "I Met Them In Detention"
•  I do strongly suggest to read the first book first but it's not necessary.


I hear a door open. I turn around and was greeted with a handsome looking boy with abs that you could grind cheese on and in a towel just above his perfect V-line.

I quickly turn around and yell "YOU'RE A BOY!!!"

"Never had complaints before." I bet he was smirking. He hits me like the type of guy who would smirk. "I'm fully dressed sweetheart you can turn around now."

I slowly turned and there he was smirking and leaning on the wall.

"My names Taylor. I guess your my new roommate." I nod not trusting my voice right now.

"What's your name?" He asked.

"I'm Elena Campbell." He smile back at me and then headed out the door.

But not before saying "Welcome to hell." He turned and left the room. Leaving me frozen on the spot.

What just happened?

Elena is trying to run away from her past. But not for any dumb reason but to save her own life. 

But what happens when she gets a cocky, self-absorbed, sarcastic, trouble maker, know-it-all, bad boy, with a hint of jackass for a roommate.

Taylor Palmer has it rough but he can deal. Taylor has purposely chased off all of his roommates. He likes to be all to himself and not have nosey roommates asking why he didn't come back to his dorm for a week or even ask why does he always come home so late.

Taylor has some secrets that he would like to keep that way. A secret.

What happens when Elena finds out all of Taylor's secrets?What will Taylor do when he finds out his new roommate is not who she says she is? Will they become worst enemies, best friends, or maybe something more.

Pranks will be made, hearts will be broken, shots will be fired (literally and figuratively).

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