I Don't Want to be Hurt

I Don't Want to be Hurt

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Antisepticeyesgirl By Antisepticeyesgirl Updated 7 days ago

(Sequel to I don't want to hurt you) 

Sean and Y/N. Meant to be from the second they met. Yes, they had their problems like any normal couple. People not wanting them together, moving in, murder. You know, the usual problems a couple face. They had a main issue. A guy named Jack, or Nightmare as he likes to be called. But, they got rid of him. So why is there another book? If you thought I don't want to hurt you was a lot to take in, wait until you understand why. The dead crawl from their graves, and some never died. 

I don't want to be hurt. No one does. Especially by yourself... or maybe the ones you love.

Duuuuuuuuude, this is making every masochist bone in my body tingle, oh boy. =/////=
Funny I started to work on my D. Va game :P good stuff though!
Mirrashards Mirrashards Nov 12
I do 
                              I swallow food, drinks and my own words 
                              So yes I swallow
Take me, Nightmare! I'm all yours, hun! No fussing, no fighting, NO PROBLEM.
*waits patiently for another opportunity to make a sex joke.*
Ninja_Mummy Ninja_Mummy Aug 02
Thx for the sequel now on to more important business would it be posssible to add mark and dark just to create more problems in the story