I Don't Want to be Hurt

I Don't Want to be Hurt

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Antisepticeyesgirl By Antisepticeyesgirl Updated 18 hours ago

(Sequel to I don't want to hurt you) 

Sean and Y/N. Meant to be from the second they met. Yes, they had their problems like any normal couple. People not wanting them together, moving in, murder. You know, the usual problems a couple face. They had a main issue. A guy named Jack, or Nightmare as he likes to be called. But, they got rid of him. So why is there another book? If you thought I don't want to hurt you was a lot to take in, wait until you understand why. The dead crawl from their graves, and some never died. 

I don't want to be hurt. No one does. Especially by yourself... or maybe the ones you love.

SignatureSilver SignatureSilver Aug 01, 2016
Duuuuuuuuude, this is making every masochist bone in my body tingle, oh boy. =/////=
SignatureSilver SignatureSilver Aug 02, 2016
Funny I started to work on my D. Va game :P good stuff though!
smollilbean smollilbean Jan 10
Did you just use this chapter as an excuse to utilise your collection of overwatch memes
MirraShards MirraShards Nov 12, 2016
I do 
                              I swallow food, drinks and my own words 
                              So yes I swallow
HarlequinDavis HarlequinDavis Aug 02, 2016
Take me, Nightmare! I'm all yours, hun! No fussing, no fighting, NO PROBLEM.
sissygirl231 sissygirl231 Oct 15, 2016
*waits patiently for another opportunity to make a sex joke.*